Approved Food Guide

Connecticut WIC Food Guides Effective January 1, 2019
English: Food Guide

Spanish: Food Guide

Chinese: Food Guide

Polish: Ksiazeczka z lista zatwierdzonych produktowspozywczych

Albanian: Lista e ushqimeve te aprovuara

Arabic: Food Guide
Haitian Creole: Lis Manje Otorize
Milk and Peanut Butter/Legumes Purchase size and types allowed handouts:
WIC Food Purchasing Conversions: Conversion charts English/Spanish
How to submit product information to get on the WIC Approved Food Guide:


Review the most current approved food guide that provides the minimum sizes that are allowed and the regulations (page 28/68992) for the nutrition criteria that products need to meet.  Submit products by June 1st that meet the federal requirements to be approved in the Connecticut WIC Program.


Submit the product information with nutrition labels, ingredient list, product images, statewide availability and retail prices for the products that you would like for us to consider. 


Information can be sent to: