Agency Strategic Plan
and Updated Addendum

Agency Strategic Plan 2013-2018  (pdf)                      DPH Logo
Updated Strategic Map (pdf) (also available below)



 The Connecticut Department of Public Health developed its first Strategic Map in 2011. This first Map was finalized on April 11, 2012 and was in effect from 2011-2014.

Subsequently in February, 2013 and as part of an update to this original strategic planning effort, a formal agency Strategic Plan 2013-2018 was published that reaffirmed the vision and mission, identified organizational values for the agency, and built consensus around priorities with an additional focus on worksite wellness and the importance of partnerships.

In October 2014, DPH updated the original strategic map in effect through 2014. The Strategic Map is the foundation for the formal agency Strategic Plan and implementation of agency strategic planning efforts. This updated map will become Addendum 1 to the Agency Strategic Plan 2013- 2018. The Strategic Plan, including mission, vision, and values, will be formally revisited and updated in 2018.

An overview of DPH’s continuous strategic planning process from 2011-2014 is provided in Appendix B on page 16 of Addendum 1 to the Agency Strategic Plan 2013-2018, including number of meetings, duration of the planning process, participants, methods used for review, and steps in the planning process.

The Strategic Map Update in effect for 2015-2018 is depicted below and on page 3 of Addendum 1. DPH will revisit the map annually and may update each year or report on progress annually as appropriate. A high level summary of revisions and updates to the map is included on page 2 of Addendum 1, with additional detail on the pages that follow, organized by Strategic Priority.


Strategic Map