Accreditation Tools for
Local and Tribal Health Departments

Training Materials

CT DPH kicked off its Documentation Collection phase with a five hour training session for the 60 staff members who volunteered to work on the 12 Domain teams. During this time, volunteers viewed a presentation on "What is PHAB Accreditation", received instruction on the DPH document collection process, and participated in exercises to develop document review skills. In addition, teams were given the chance to review the standards and measures of their respective domain and start identifying where potential documents might be found.
            Training Agenda
            PHAB Overview Presentation
            Domain Team Roles Presentation
            Document Review Activity - Domain 3

Accreditation Coordinator and Domain Team Tools

   Progress Tables - Quick view of the examples being used for each required documentation
            Domain 1             Domain 5             Domain 9
            Domain 2             Domain 6             Domain 10
            Domain 3             Domain 7             Domain 11
            Domain 4             Domain 8             Domain 12
   Progress Chart - Color in the completed measures and keep track of overall progress
   Measure Review Form - Tool for working through a measure and writing document descriptions
   Quick Reference Check List - Review each potential document against a checklist of requirements
   Cheat Card - Key points to remember when collecting and reviewing documentation

It is strongly recommended to annotate and highlight your documentation to show the reviewer where the necessary information is in the document and how it conforms to the measure. The document description will then lead the reviewer through the document and to the relevant and annotated areas. Here is an example of DPH's documentation for 1.1.2S, Required Documentation 1, and an example of a completed measure review form for the same measure:
            CT State Health Assessment (Measure 1.1.2S, RD1)
            Measure Review Form 1.1.2S

Awareness Materials

   Progress Thermometer - Visual way to demonstrate documentation collection progress
   Accreditation Help Flyer - Targeting DPH staff who may receive requests for documentation
   Accreditation Timeline - Visual timeline of DPH's Accreditation journey
   Accreditation Facts - Quick facts for DPH staff to learn about the accreditation process