Medical Countermeasures

Medical Countermeasure Operational Readiness Review (MCM ORR) Guidance Documents and Templates for BP1 Supplemental



Operational Readiness Review Guidance


DSLR_MCM_Action_Plan 082818_Ext                                                                 


Descriptive Forms

       Jurisdictional Data Sheet (CRI)

Planning Forms

        Distribution Planning Form

        Dispensing Planning Form

        MCM-ORR Distribution Planning Form for Regions 1 and 5 non-CRI

        MCM-ORR Dispensing Planning Form for Regions 1 and 5 non-CRI

        MCM-ORR POD Form


Operational Forms

      Facility Setup Drill                                                       

      Site Activation Drill

      Staff Notification and Assembly Drill

      Training and Exercise Planning Form

      Dispensing Throughput Drill

      Dispensing Full Scale Exercise/Incident

      Table Top Exercise (TTX)

      PHEP/Functional/Full Scale Exercise or Incident