Medical Countermeasures

Medical Countermeasure Operational Readiness Review (MCM ORR) Guidance Documents and Templates for BP1

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MCM ORR Guidance (9/2019)

MCM Techincal Assistance Action Plan Guidance

DSLR MCM Action Plan 082818 Ext                                                                


Descriptive Forms

Jurisdictional Data Sheet (CRI)

CDC MCM ORR POD Form - Excel version


Planning Forms

Distribution Planning Form

Dispensing Planning Form


Operational Forms

 Facility Setup Drill                                                       

 Site Activation Drill

 Staff Notification and Assembly Drill

 Training and Exercise Planning Form

 Dispensing Throughput Drill

 Dispensing Full Scale Exercise/Incident

 Table Top Exercise (TTX)

 PHEP/Functional/Full Scale Exercise or Incident


Resources for Local Health Districts/Departments

Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Targeting: Planning activities checklist for state/local departments

Public Health Discussion Guide for Pandemic Influenza Planning

Road Map to Implementing Pandemic Influenza Vaccination of Critical Workforce