COVID-19 Community Levels Update, March 24, 2023: The CDC has listed all eight Connecticut counties in the Low/Green category as part of its weekly Community Levels update. People who are at a high risk for severe illness should consider additional measures to minimize their exposure to COVID-19 and respiratory illnesses. Visit the CDC COVID-19 Community Levels Map for updates.

Please visit to request four free COVID-19 self-test kits from the Federal Government. Find a location that has a supply of COVID-19 therapeutics as part of the Test to Treat initiative here. The complete DPH COVID-19 toolbox is located at

Circular Letters and Memos

Date Circular Letter Number Circular Letter/ Memo Title
 3/9/23  OPHPR-2023-003 FAQs from CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) on
Rapid Antigen Test Kit Disposal Guidance
 2/2/2023 OPHPR-2023-002  CRI Contractors’ Update
 1/19/2023 OPHPR-2023-001  iHealth COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit Shelf-Life Extension


 Date Circular Letter Number Circular Letter/ Memo Title
 12/29/2022  OPHPR-2022-019  MRC Staffing Changes
 12/21/2022  OPHPR-2022-018
 Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity, Budget Period 2 Funding No Cost Extension                                               
 11/10/2022  OPHPR-2022-017  City Readiness Initiative (CRI) November 2022 Update
 10/28/2022  OPHPR-2022-016  Jurisdictional Risk Assessment Webinar
 10/21/2022  OPHPR-2022-015  CT DPH Modified PHEP ORR Deliverables submitted for Budget Period 3 (BP3)
 10/07/2022  OPHPR-2022-014  Staffing Change
 09/20/2022  OPHPR-2022-013  Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity (ELC1) Enhancing Detection Budget Period 2 (BP2) - Budget Revision Request Deadline
 08/11/2022  OPHPR-2022-012  Contract-funded staff and Monkeypox Response
 08/05/2022  OPHPR-2022-011  iHealth Test Kit Extension
 07/26/2022  OPHPR-2022-010  MRC Volunteer Management Background Check Procedure
 07/18/2022  OPHPR-2022-009  Ventilator Retrieval
 07/07/2022  OPHPR-2022-008  CRI Budget Review and Guidance
 07/01/2022  OPHPR-2022-007  COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit Shelf-Life Extensions
 06/22/2022  OPHPR-2022-006  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Availability
 06/22/2022  OPHPR-2022-005  FDA Extension of PPE
 05/06/2022  OPHPR-2022-004  JRA Contract Deliverables for Cities Readiness Initiative Fiduciaries
 05/06/2022  OPHPR-2022-003  Jurisdictional Risk Assessment
 05/03/2022  OPHPR-2022-002  COVID-19 Oral Antiviral Therapeutics
 03/28/2022  OPHPR-2022-001  PHEP Budget Guidance BP4