Q:   Why does the website not Show that I am a licensed…

A:    only the training officer can update that part of the website. And they only record what they have on file.

Q:  I receive an error: “Sorry Your Computer has been blocked for accessing this resource. If you believe you have received this in error contact the webmaster”

A:  To increase security and prevent hackers the web page block computers (by their network or ip address) that fail to login after 3 attempts. Contact the Webmaster to have your computer unblocked.

Q: I receive an error:  “Please contact the administrative officer. You account is disabled.”

A: This error could happen in error but usually indicates that the AO has disabled you account. 

Q How do I send in the excused absence form for my (insert husband, wife, girl friend, coworker here)

A: you don’t. The revised form only allows you to submit it for the person currently logged in.

Q: I know I am typing my information in correctly but it is not letting me login.

A: Contact the AO  to have you account created or to check the status of you account.