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October 13, 2011                                                          Contact: William Gerrish

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DPH Issues Guidance to Eliminate Fire Hazards in the Workplace


Hartford – October is National Fire Safety Month and the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) is encouraging Connecticut’s employers and workers to keep their workplaces safe from accidental fires. 


According to the National Fire Protection Association, over half of all non-residential structure fires from 2005-2009 occurred in workplaces. Almost 20 percent of those workplace fires occurred in office settings. 


“Fire safety in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility,” said Thomas St. Louis, Supervisor of the DPH Occupational Health Unit. “All workers and employers should be alert to anything that could cause a fire in their workplace, and take responsibility to report any problem areas so they can be corrected before an accident happens.”


DPH recommends that all of Connecticut’s employers and workers review the “Workplace Fire Safety Top 10” checklist, which can be found on the DPH website at


Checklist items include ensuring exit doors are not obstructed or locked, keeping hallways clear of tripping hazards, reducing clutter in offices and storage spaces, and identifying co-workers who may need assistance leaving a building in a fire emergency.


For more information about workplace fire safety or fire prevention in general, visit the National Fire Prevention Association at or contact DPH at 860-509-7742.



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