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March 4, 2010                             



            Governor M. Jodi Rell today announced that about $69.4 million to pay for construction of a new state public health laboratory is expected to gain approval when the state Bond Commission meets March 16.


            The new, 110,000-square-foot laboratory, to be built on a 22-acre site in Rocky Hill, would replace the aging facility now located at 10 Clinton Street in downtown Hartford. The Public Health Laboratory is responsible for a wide range of services, including testing for biological, viral, fungal and parasitic disease agents; screening for diseases in newborns; checking for potential toxins in air, water, fish, landfills and consumer products; and checking the quality of drinking water.


            “This new laboratory is an essential improvement for our Department of Public Health and for the many agencies it supports,” Governor Rell said. “The need for a modern, fully equipped laboratory is clear. Not only does our lab provide numerous services for DPH and communities all across Connecticut, it also does critical work for agencies such as the Departments of Environmental Protection, Agriculture, Consumer Protection, Public Safety and Labor as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


            “The new building was designed with careful attention to the environment, work flow and the future,” the Governor said. “The building is oriented make the most of available daylight and will benefit from indirect lighting and natural shading. The offices have external sunshades to control glare while the lobby design integrates the employee entrance, eliminating the need for a separate entrance. The lab will have BioSafety Level III and BioSafety Level III-Enhanced facilities and the necessary supporting infrastructure so that they are capable of working with almost any substance.”


            The $69,362,800 project includes a 200-car parking area to serve DPH staff and visitors.