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  Nurse's Aide Training Program Requirements:

The Public Health Code of the State of Connecticut Section 19-13-D8t (l)(1)(A) requires any organization electing to conduct a nurse’s aide training program to submit for review and approval a nurse’s aide training curriculum.   A standardized format has been developed by the Department of Public Health. 

Training programs must ensure that all components of the curriculum have been provided to each trainee. 


Connecticut requires the total number of classroom hours (theory) and clinical hours (practical) to total at least 100 hours. Please complete the hours portion of the curriculum as it relates to the proposed nurse aide training program. 

It is required that the clinical component of the nurse’s aide training program is provided in a licensed chronic and convalescent nursing home with nursing supervision. 

The State of Connecticut requires that a nurse aide training program be coordinated by a Registered Nurse (Primary Training Instructor) with at least 2 years experience, one of which must be in licensed chronic convalescent and nursing home.  

The training program must include all other basic theoretical components defined by state and federal regulations, as well as a clinical component where the students are trained on the 25 competency skills. 


Requirements for the Primary Training Instructor and Instructors:

  • (Primary Training Instructor/PTI ) The training of nurse’s aides must be performed by or under the general supervision of a registered nurse who possesses a minimum of two years of nursing experience, at least one year of which must be in a chronic and convalescent nursing home or rest home with nursing supervision. 

  • Instructors must have completed a course in teaching adults, experience in teaching adults or supervising nurse’s aides.

  • Qualified personnel from the health field may serve as trainers in the nurse’s aide training program under the supervision of the nurse’s aide primary training instructor provided they have a minimum of one year of experience in a facility for the elderly or chronically ill of any age within the immediately preceding five years.  These health field personnel may include:  Registered nurses, sanitarians, fire safety experts, nursing home administrators, gerontologists, psychologists, physical and occupational therapists, therapeutic recreation specialists, speech/language/hearing therapists.  All trainers should be, where applicable, licensed, registered and/or certified in their field.

  • Licensed practical nurses, under the supervision of the nurse’s aide primary training instructor, may serve as trainers in the nurse’s aide training program provided the licensed practical nurse has two years experience in caring for the elderly or chronically ill of any age.

  • The training of nurse’s aides may be performed under the general supervision of the director of nurses.  The director of nurses is prohibited from performing the actual training of nurse’s aides.


Approval of the nurse’s aide training program will include a review and approval of the submitted curriculum, resumes and approval of all instructors, an agreement/contract between a training program and a clinical facility, as well as an on-site review of the training program's class room, skills lab and training equipment and education tools.


Approval will be granted only after the Department has determined the proposed training program complies with the requirements of the Public Health Code of the State of Connecticut.  Ongoing approval will be contingent upon on-site observations of training programs by representatives of the Department of Public Health.  

Nurse Aide Training Programs are approved for a 2-year period. During that 2-year approval time, programs are required to report any substantial changes to the Nurse Aide Program Supervisor in writing of the change.  Substantial changes may include the following:

  • Name, address, and telephone number of the facility, institution or agency offering the program, including the clinical site.  
  • The program coordinator/instructor (PTI); 
  • Statement of course objectives; or  
  • Description of course content specifying the number of hours in classroom and clinical settings.


***Any nurse's aide training program that receives monetary compensation for their training may need approval from the Office of Higher Education as a Private Occupational SchoolApproval Procedures for Private Occupational Schools


If you have any additional questions regarding CNA training programs, you can contact the Connecticut Nurse Aide Registry:

Karen G. Wilson

Nurse Aide Registry

CT Department of Public Health

Practitioner Licensing and Investigations

410 Capitol Ave., MS#12APP

PO Box 340308

Hartford, CT  06134-0308

Telephone: (860) 509-7613

Fax: (860) 707-1983