As of January 1, 2011, Health Information Technology and Exchange (HIE) in Connecticut comes under the purview of quasi-public agency called the Health Information Technology Exchange of Connecticut (HITE-CT) under Public Act 10-117, "An Act Concerning Revisions to Public Health Related Statutes and the Establishment of the Health Information Technology Exchange of Connecticut," Sec. 82-90,96. Previously enacted Connecticut law regarding HITE is as follows:

  • Public Act 09-232, “An Act Concerning Revisions to the Department of Public Health Licensing Statutes,” Sec. 74-77 (codified at CGS §19a-25f -§19a-25h) 
  • Public Act 07-2, "An Act Implementing the Provisions of the Budget Concerning Human Services and Public Health," Sec. 68 (codified at CGS §19a-25d)