Newborn Screening


Before your Baby is Born

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It’s important to ask questions and learn about newborn screening during your pregnancy.  Ask your prenatal care provider about newborn screening and visit Baby’s First Test at to learn more about newborn screening.


According to the experts at Baby’s First Test, “if parents learn about newborn screening during pregnancy, they can ask questions and be educated about the entire process to feel prepared for the screen to occur shortly after birth. That way you will know what type of results you may receive, what your next steps should be, and exactly what will happen to your newborn baby”.   Visit for more information.


For more information about Newborn Screening in Connecticut and what to expect after your baby is born, please click here.


Please contact the Connecticut Newborn Screening Program staff at 860-920-6628 with your newborn screening questions




You can also ask an expert at Baby’s First Test by clicking on the button below:

Ask a Question

You can also download a copy of Baby’s First Step Prenatal and Newborn Screening Timeline here

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