CODES Advisory Board

Connecticut has a CODES Advisory Board established since 2006.  The CODES Advisory Board is the combined group that makes up data owners and users.  The membership includes representatives from CT State Police, CT Department of Transportation, CT Department of Public Health, CT Department of Motor Vehicle, Highway Safety, CT Safe Kids, University of Connecticut Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Yale University School of Medicine, St. Raphael's Hospital, Capitol Region Council of Governments, and US DOT NHTSA New England Region.  The roles of the CODES Advisory Board are to:

  •    identify topics of interest and guide priorities for analyses;
  • promote use of the linked CODES data for effective traffic safety and injury prevention decisions including problem identification and program/policy development and evaluation;
  • provide expertise on use or interpretation of specific data sets; assist with identification and access to additional data sets for CODES linkage;
  • and promote institutionalization of CODES in Connecticut.