The following offerings are intended for food workers seeking to fulfill the Qualified Food Operator requirement for Class III & IV food service establishments [CT Public Health Code Sections 19-13-B42(s)(4), 19-13-B48(j)(3), and 19-13-B49(t)(3)].  Currently there are only three exams that have been approved by the Department of Public Health to meet the QFO requirement, but these exams are offered by a number of consultants/organizations. (See page 2 for contact information for the 3 approved exam companies.) The schedule of exam offerings is not intended to be all-inclusive, as there may be other exam schedules that we have not received.  Individuals interested in a QFO exam should inquire as to which exam is used to ensure it is one of the 3 approved exams. It may be helpful to call your local health department as many offer the approved exams and training themselves.  If you would like to have information about your exam offering posted, contact the Food Protection Program at 860-509-7297. 
  • Qualified Food Operator Exam/Courses (pdf)