OEMS Coronavirus COVID-19 Information

EMS Protocols and Communications (listed by date)

Updated COVID-19 Guidance for Healthcare Providers (Aug 5)
CDC COVID-19 Resource Email Communication (July 23)
COVID-19 FAQ on State Testing Strategy (June 18) 
COVID-19 Testing: Recommendations for the Use of Nucleic Acid Tests... (June 16)
Updated COVID-19 Guidance for Healthcare Providers (June 11)
COOP - Planning Outline Guidance (June 10)
Respiratory Protection and Filtering Facepiece Respirator (FFR) Fit Testing (May 27)
Updated COVID-19 Guidance for Healthcare Providers (May 20)
Use of KN95 Respirators during the COVID-19 Pandemic (May 5)
Use of Coveralls during the COVID-19 Pandemic (May 1)
Return-to-Work Guidance for Healthcare workers and First Responders (Apr 24)
Updated COVID-19 Guidance for Healthcare Professionals (Apr 22)
CT partners with Battille OEMS Memo (Apr 21) 
Battelle PPE Decontamination (Apr 21)
Instructions for Healthcare Facilities - Battelle (Apr 21)
Instructions for Healthcare Personnel - Battelle (Apr 21)
Fact Sheet for Healthcare Personnel - Battelle (Apr 21)
PPE Decontamination Services Agreement for Non State Agency Users (Apr 21)
FEMA PPE Preservation Best Practices (Apr 15)
Distribution of PPE Memo (Apr 13)
Updated Guidance for COVID-19 (Apr 4)
Guidance for Use of Isolation Orders during the COVID-19 Pandemic (Mar 31)
Return-to-Work Guidance for Healthcare Workers and First Responders (Mar 31)
Screening of EMS Providers at Skilled Nursing Facilities (Mar 31)
OEMS COMM 20-07 COVID-19 EMS Protocols (Mar 30)
Distribution of PPE to healthcare providers (Mar 27)
Release of Patient Information COVID-19 (Mar 27
Child Care for Essential Workers during COVID-19 (Mar 25)
Updated Guidance for COVID-19 - PPE Conservation and Testing Strategies (Mar 24)
OEMS COMM 20-06 Initial and Continuing EMS Education during COVID-19 (Mar 24)
OEMS COMM 20-04 Suspension of EMT Clinical Experience (Mar 16)

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