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Connecticut EMS Advisory Board (CEMSAB)

CEMSAB Members

Member Appointed  Constituency 
Greg Allard  2015 Commercial Ambulance Provider
Kim Aroh ex officio President - Region 3
Joshua Beaulieu 2020


Lauri Bolton 2012 CT College of Emergency Physicians
Nancy Brescia 2007  CT Emergency Department Nurses Association
Sean Caffyn 2021 CT College of Emergency Physicians
Raffaella Calciano ex officio DPH Commissioner designee
William Campion 2018 Consumer
Kate Coupe 2023 Paramedic
Joe Danao ex officio President - Region 4
Marielle Daniels 2008 CT Hospital Association
Charles Dunn 2023 Non-specific
Kevin Ferrarotti 2021 Interest in EMS or other area of expertise
William Fitzmaurice ex officio President - Region 2
Jonathan Gates 2020 CT Committee on Trauma of American College of Surgeons
Leigh Goodman 2022 President - Region 1
Robert Guthrie 2007 CT Firefighter's Association
Richard Kamin ex officio  CT EMS Medical Director
Joseph Laucella 2018 Volunteer Ambulance Service
Michael Loiz 2016 Volunteer Ambulance Service
Scott Marotto 2022 CT Association of EMS Instructors
Scott Martus 2022 Non-specific
Kyle McClaine 2015 CT EMS Medical Advisory Committee
Jay Paretzky 2017 EMT
William Perez 2022 CT Fire Chiefs Association
John Quinlavin 2017 Interest in EMS or other area of expertise
Stacy Robinson 2021 Commercial Ambulance Provider
Art Romano 1998 Municipal Ambulance Services
Fred Rosa ex officio President - Region 5
William Schietinger - CHAIR 2017 For-Profit Ambulance
Irene Smith 2018 Consumer
John Spencer 2021 Volunteer Ambulance Service
Carol Stiles 2018 CT Commission on Fire Prevention Control
Daniel Tompkins 2019 Interest in EMS or other area of expertise
Robert Ziegler 2018 Interest in EMS or other area of expertise
Ben Zura 2023 Consumer
OPEN   CT Association of Director's of Health
OPEN   CT College of Emergency Physicians
OPEN   CT State Police
OPEN   CT Chiefs of Police Association
 *updated September 2023