The DPH Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response will be conducting a statewide Emergency Preparedness Medical Countermeasures exercise the week of April 11 - 15, 2016.  

In the event of a public health emergency, it may be necessary for local health departments to activate their points of dispensing (PODs) to distribute large amounts of vaccinations, antiobotics, and other medicines to a large number of people. A mass dispensing and medical countermeasure event would be a public health emergency in which these PODs would be activated. This statewide exercise will practice the state's coordination and response to this type of emergency.

Local Health Departments will be involved in the exercise and are looking for volunteers.

If you are interested, and would like more information about volunteering please contact directly any of the locations listed below.

TOWN/AREA            CONTACT                  EMAIL __                                        PHONE___

Bridgeport                  Terron Jones            terron.jones@bridgeportct.gov     (203) 576-7024        

Mansfield                   John Degnan            degnanJH@EHHD.org                  (860) 429-3321

New Haven                Terry Cooper            tcooper@newhavenct.gov            (203) 946-8457

Stamford                    Lysa Rodriguez        erodriguez@stamfordct.gov         (203) 977-4389

Torrington                  Leslie Polito             lpolito@tahd.org                         (860) 489-0436 x313

Wallingford                Eloise Hazelwood     health@wallingfordct.gov              (203) 294-2065

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