The Environmental Health Section (EHS) is comprised of ten programs, which are diverse in their scope, and oversight of both regulated and unregulated professions/entities. The section works closely with local health departments and a licensed workforce of practitioners to provide technical assistance, training, and risk assessment on emerging environmental health issues. EHS also manages the initial licensure of environmental health practitioners, and assures regulatory activities are executed in accordance with established standards of practice, regulations, and statutes.

Programs within EHS include:

·         Asbestos

·         Environmental Engineering

            o   On-Site Subsurface Sewage Systems

            o   Mausoleums, Crematories and Private Burial Grounds

·         Environmental Laboratory Certification

·         Environmental and Occupational Health Assessment

            o   Environmental Public Health Tracking

            o   Toxicology

            o   Occupational Health

            o   Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

            o   Indoor Environmental Air Quality

·         Environmental Practitioner Licensure

·         Food Protection

·         Lead and Healthy Homes

·         Private Wells

·         Radon

·         Recreation

            o   Bathing areas

            o   Beaches

            o   Public pools

            o   Family campgrounds