State Project No. 102-269 & 102-312
Federal-Aid Project No. NH-7(122)For PE
Interchange Improvements
Route 15 and Route 7 / Route 15 and Main Ave.
Town of Norwalk
Scope of work
Scope of  Work
The project consists of the construction of a full-directional interchange between U.S. Route 7 and Route 15 (Merritt Parkway), while maintaining access for Main Avenue to and from Route 15. The limits of the project are: (1) U.S. Route 7, approximately at the structure over Perry Avenue and extends northerly for approximately 5,741 feet ( 1,750 meters), and (2) Route 15, approximately at the structure over Perry Avenue and extends easterly to the structure at West Rock Road, a length of approximately 4,888 feet ( 1,490 meters).  The project will also improve approximately 2,362 feet ( 720 meters) of local roads. 

Construction at the interchange has been suspended. The contractor will perform the necessary clean up work at the site to address environmental and safety issues for motorists and residents. A new construction contract is tentatively scheduled to be bid in 2007 upon completion of a re-evaluation of the interchange design in accordance with recent court findings.

Contact Contact information

Thomas Harley, P.E.
Manager of Consultant Design
Phone: 860-594-3189

Meetings & Information
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