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Resources and News

The purpose of this page is to house materials and information for people interested in the work of the Vision Zero Council.

  June, 2023 Safe Routes to School Program
 January, 2023 Vision Zero Council Proposals to C.G.A.  (This document reflects the policy  proposals submitted to the Connecticut  General Assembly for consideration by the Vision Zero Council for the 2023 legislative session).


.05 Saves Lives Coalition Resource Materials

 March, 2023 AB InBev Road Safety Policies
 March, 2023 Drug & Alc Prevalence during Covid
 March, 2023 NTSB .05 Safety Briefing
 March, 2023 Rationale for .05% BAC Limit


Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DDADS) Resources

 September, 2023 WORKPLACE Installation Manual - IMA13982
 September, 2023 WORKPLACE Product Sheet - PSH14147 
 September, 2023 WORKPLACE Product Specification - BoYTUy-PSP13995 


New Complete Streets Controlling Design Policy and Directive

 August 21, 2023 Complete Streets Controlling Design Criteria and Justification Process
 August 21, 2023 Complete Streets Controlling Design Criteria Engineering and Construction Directive 


- The U.S. Department of Transportation National Roadway Safety Strategy, can be found here.

Press Releases:

 June 6, 2023 Passage of HB5917 (Recommendations of the Vision Zero Council)
 March, 2022

Safe System Brochure

 January, 2022

National Roadway Safety Strategy

August 19, 2021 

CTDOT Will Host Meeting of Vision Zero Council to Reduce Roadway  Fatalities