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Pavement Surface Properties Consortium:

A Collaborative Research Program 

Hosted by the ConnDOT’s Division of Research on September 24, 2009

    Description and Video Link




John Henault - ConnDOT

49 seconds

Intro to Pavement Surface Properties

 1. Objective

 2. Projects 

Gerardo Flintsch - Virginia Tech

17 minutes 11 sec.

    Equipment Rodeos

3  3. Overview

    4. Results 

  • Profile
  • Friction
  • Macrotexture

Gerardo Flintsch - Virginia Tech

39 minutes 58 sec.

   Friction Measurements part A

    Friction Measurements part B

   5.   Overview

   6.   Continuous Friction Measuring Devices

   7.   Seasonal Monitoring

  8.   International friction Index

  9.   Speed Corrections

  10.  Area-based Macrotexture

Gerardo Flintsch - Virginia Tech

Gerardo Flintsch - Virginia Tech

13 minutes 28 sec.

23 minutes 31 sec.

11.   Brief history
12.  CT. Wet-accident Reduction Program 
13.  Ribbed Tire vs.Smooth Tire
14.  Intervention Levels for Friction

John Henault - ConnDOT

17 minutes  21sec

15. Reference Values
16. 2009 Rodeo Results

Gerardo Flintsch - Virginia Tech

16 minutes  01 sec.
Open Discussion

Questions and Answers

28 minutes  23 sec.