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Filmed on March 29, 2005 in Rocky Hill, CT


(video links below are in blue)

1 Introductions (K. Lane)
Summary of activities for ’04 – (J. Dunne – F.Fee – K. Lane)
- Update on national –Binder (L. Myers), (D. Anderson) – Mix (F.Fee) 
- Review ’04 activities and identify follow-up / action items – see attachment #1 (all)
- Specific issues see attachment #2 (D. Lathrop) 
Update on CTI proposal for “Coordination of Pavement Activities in the Northeast” (K.Lane /J. Mahoney)
Acceptance and Payment Plan for Asphalt Binders (D.Anderson)
Potential “pooled fund” program/projects (All)
Program approach  
- Users establish budget for funds, develop outline of possible projects in conjunction with full steering committee.
- A designated “coordinator” will develop and distribute (to pre-qualified contractors) a request For Proposals (RFP), and accepts bids.
-The users or a designated task group will review the RFP’s and select a contractor.
- Individual users may designate special technical assistance contracts at their discretion with up to 30% of their contribution to the fund.  
Potential Projects

- Complete Binder QA guide spec.

- Provide uniform regional database for HMA project QC/QA/certifications (including asphalt binder) and a technical resource manager (gate keeper) for regional data bases.

- Develop regional library of data for M-E pavement design inputs

- (? Others) 

Binder Technician certification program (D. Anderson)
Report on Elastic Recovery study (K. Mooney)
- Discussion on proposed regional PG + spec for PMA - attachment #3 (All)
– status / issuesIdentification of “modified asphalt” in the plan / AMAP list – see attachment #4 (All)  
Discussion of administrative issues 
- Financial report (J. Dunne)
- Providing funds for user travel for meetings?
- Selection of meeting location / venue – annual and SC
- Plan for annual meeting program - ? Task group - ? improvements