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Streaming Video Presentations from NEAUPG Steering Committee Meeting

Held on March 31, 2009 at the Connecticut DOT in Rocky Hill

    Description and Video Link



1.  Welcome

Ravi Chandran-ConnDOT

1 m 37 sec

2.  Introduction

Alan Rawson-Chairman

1 m 42 sec

3.Effects of batching on both virgin

      binders and RAP mixes

Denis Boisvert & Jeff Pocilly

1 h 29 m 08 sec

4a. Five Year Strategic Plan Task Group

b. Remote call-in from Mr. Frank Fee

c. Five Year Strategic Plan (continued)

Alan Rawson with group

Frank Fee-Vice Chairman

Group discussion

52 m 23 sec

3 m 55 sec

23 m 28 sec

5.  Ramifications of “Ozone Season" changes

        in regulations covering the use of cutback


Karen Hudson Desrosiers

23 m 16 sec

6.  Revisit the 1998 Northeast/New England 

        agreement to use PG64-28 as the 

       primary/predominant PG binder grade

John Grieco

29 m 15 sec

7.   Update on Binder Certification

Jim Mahoney-CTI CapLab

1 m 28 sec

8.     On-going activities for binder testing and

     update on the AMPT pooled fund study

Audrey Copeland-FHWA

24 m 02 sec

9.   House-keeping items and closing remarks

Jim Dunn-Manager

and Alan Rawson

12 m 48 sec