Outline for
Modified Asphalt Course
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A. Background
B. Distresses that occur in Asphalt Pavements
C. Types of Modification
D. Use of Modified Asphalts (Elastomers, Plastomers, PPA, etc..)
E. Use of Anti-Stripping Agents with PMA
A. Chemistry of Asphalt Cement
1. Refinery Practices
2. Chemistry/Macrostructure of Modified Asphalts
3. Compatibility (Microscopy)
3. Testing and Specifications for Modified Asphalt - John Casola Video Part-1 Video Part-2
A. Superpave Specifications
B. "Plus" Specifications
1. Use Elastic Recovery, Force Ductility, Toughness and Tenacity
2. Relationship of "Plus" specifications to Performance
C. Future Direction of Specifications
A. Recommended Plant Operations
B. Handling of Asphalt Binder at Terminal
C. Handling of Asphalt Binder at HMA Plant
D. Laydown of Modified Asphalt Concrete
A. Laboratory Studies
B. Field Studies
1. Performance of Modified Asphalt Pavements at Low Temperatures
C. Life Cycle Cost Analysis