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The Study Committee on Strategies for Evaluating the Effectiveness of
Programs and Resources for Assuring Connecticut's Skilled Workforce
Meets the Needs of Business and Industry Today and in the Future
Video recorded on Wednesday, 03/14/12     CTDOT Central Lab,  Rocky Hill CT

1.      Introductory Remarks 2:55

         Richard H. Strauss, Executive Director, CASE

2A.   Guest Speaker 148:37

      William J. Holstein, Author -      

         The Next American Economy

2B.  Follow-up Questions17:15 


3A    Guest Speaker 2 36:42

       Richard Kazis, Vice President -      

         Jobs for the Future

3B.    Follow-up Questions10:12


4.     Comments Concerning Proposed Legislation 2:13 

       Richard H. Strauss, Executive Director, CASE

5.    Discussion-DRAFT Workforce Alignment Definition

        Alissa DeJonge,CASE Study Manager (CERC Director of Research) 4:48

           Bruce Carlson,  CASE Associate Project Director  25:44


6.     Wrap-up12:22