Introducing TED: Our new Transportation Enterprise Data program. This is a self-service resource for all things CTDOT. In a couple of clicks you’ll be able to get data and maps of Connecticut’s roadways, traffic volumes, crash data, and more. It’s a one stop shop for geospatial data. Visit us today!

Held December 11th, 2012 at the CTDOT Central Lab in Rocky Hill CT.
Welcome and Introductions Richard H. Strauss, Executive Director, CASE 3:16 
Presentation #1
Maureen Berner, Professor of Public Administration and Government

School of Government, University of North Carolina

Follow-up questions Solicited from the group 8:51
Presentation #2
CalTrans 2012 - Executive Summary Overview

Anna Siva, Project Manager, 2012 CalTrans  Availability and Disparity Study

Ramon Carlos, Acting DBE Program Manager, Caltrans

CASE Research Team 
Update - Research Team

Alissa DeJonge, Study manager. Director of Research, CERC

Carmel Ford, Research Analyst, CERC

Rachel Gretencord, Director of Real Estate, CERC

Group Discussion Discussion led by Richard Strauss 30:42
Richard H. Strauss, Executive Director, CASE