The Study Committee on Strategies for Evaluating the Effectiveness of
Programs and Resources for Assuring Connecticut's Skilled Workforce
Meets the Needs of Business and Industry Today and in the Future
Video recorded on Wednesday, 08/08/12     CTDOT Central Lab,  Rocky Hill CT

1.        Welcome and Introductions   5:02

                  Richard H. Strauss, Executive Director, CASE

2.          Guest Presenter

  • Peter Cappellivia videoconference,  George W. Taylor Professor of Management,   Director, Center for Human Resources, Wharton School,  University of Pennsylvania    29:50

3.        CASE Study Research Team

  • Alissa DeJonge

  • ,  CASE Study Manager - Research Update 1:42

  • Matt Ross,  CERC Research Analyst - Connecticut labor market for "bright outlook"  occupations  31:33

4.      Committee Discussion

Committee discussion is intended to assist the study research team in its:

a. Development of themes/questions that will be used as a guide for the focus group sessions and individual interviews

b. Development of study findings and recommendations

The Workforce Alignment Vision (definition) developed by the study committee provides a foundation for focus group and interview discussions, as well as the development of study findings and recommendations.

The efficient and flexible collaboration of state and local, public and private entities that educates and trains a dynamic and globally-competent workforce that (1) obtains sustainable jobs, (2) provides value to the current and future needs of businesses and industries, and (3) is an asset for the region to attract and retain workers.

Using the Workforce Alignment Vision, describe the ideal workforce system and how constituents would interact with the system (workers, business/industry, and education community).

5.    Wrap-up    1:14

             Richard H. Strauss, Executive Director, CASE

                                         NEXT MEETING - TO BE ANNOUNCED