Connecticut’s National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program



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The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) is managing Connecticut’s share of the NEVI formula funding and plans to work closely with different state agencies and stakeholders to develop a State Plan on how best to build out the state’s fast charging network.


Each state must develop a plan for using their NEVI funds and submit them for approval to the U.S. Joint Office of Energy and Transportation by August 1, 2022.  Under the NEVI program, interstates identified under FHWA’s Alternative Fuel Corridor program must be prioritized for infrastructure buildout before that can happen at other locations. 


The Connecticut NEVI Plan will create a robust roadmap for how the state intends to expand a safe, reliable, accessible, and equitable electric vehicle fast charging network throughout the state.


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Map of Current DCFC Stations in Connecticut that meet NEVI requirements


Map Of Alternative Fuel Corridor


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NEVI Presentation


NEVI and Connecticut’s 5-Year Charging Ahead Roadmap FAQs


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Federal NEVI Formula Program Process


Timeline provided by FHWA’s  guidance for the NEVI Formula Program 






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