Keep Clear of Plows
In a contest between a snowplow and any other vehicle, the snowplow will be the clear winner. Drivers who try to pass on the right when a snowplow is in operation, run the risk of damaging their vehicle, hitting the snowplow, or even going off the road. It seems to happen every year, someone will try to pass on the right and wind up in the ditch. By trying to save a little time, drivers chance damage to their cars and themselves. It’s just not a good idea.

On expressways, many snowplows have "wing" plows that stick out over eight feet from the right, left, or both sides of the truck. The snow being plowed or blown off the road can contain rocks and other debris that can damage vehicles.

Even trying to pass a plow on the left has its problems. Often, the road behind the snow plow is in much better shape than the road ahead. If conditions are severe enough to need the attention of a snow plow, drivers should use care when trying to accelerate and pass other vehicles. Ruts in the snow can grab tires, and icy conditions make it difficult to control the vehicle at higher speeds.

Drivers should give winter maintenance vehicles, such as plows a wide berth. They do not travel at high speeds, so other vehicles overtake them quickly. Snow plows will pull over periodically to let traffic pass. The best advice is to stay three car lengths behind plows.