Click it or Ticket

If you don't wear a safety belt, you probably think you have a good reason, like. . Buckle Up for Love

  • It's my business--nobody tells me what to do.
  • They're a pain, and they get in the way.
  • I'm a good driver.
  • It'll never happen to me.
  • It's not fashionable.
  • They don't work anyway.

These aren't reasons.
They're excuses.

Keep this in mind next time you get in a vehicle.       Odds are you'll be in a bad car crash at least once in your life.

Crashes happen more often to young people than anyone else. even the good drivers.

Safety belts more than double the chances of surviving a bad wreck.
It only takes about 3 seconds to buckle up.


The shoulder belt is designed to allow freedom under normal driving conditions. Safety belts don't have to glue you to the seat to be effective, they just need to restrain you in a crash. As a matter of fact, if you're driving a car manufactured after 1974, your car's belt system is designed to work only in a collision or sudden stop.

How Safety Belts Work...

UNDER NORMAL CONDITIONS: the pendulum and bar are in their rest positions. The reel, which holds the belt, is free to rotate. As the occupant moves forward so does the unrestrained belt.

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