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We are proud to help veterans search for jobs at ConnDOT.


Most jobs in Connecticut State Service require an examination to measure your qualifications. Depending on the type of job, the examination may be written, multiple choice or essay, experience and training, oral, practical or some combination of these or other types of tests.



Veterans may apply for Veterans' Preference points for examinations Open to the Public by completing the Veteran’s Preference section of the State of Connecticut Application Form for Examination and Employment (CT-HR-12) (PDF 76kb).

You need only to submit the information once unless your status as a veteran has changed.  Proof of your right to Veterans' Preference (DD214) must be submitted with your application, if not already on file.  To claim veterans' preference, you must have served during the specific periods listed on the State of Connecticut Application Form for Examination and Employment (CT-HR-12) (PDF 76kb).  Veterans' Credit is only given on Open Competitive examinations and only to applicant’s who receive a passing score on the examination.

"What our servicemen and women want, more than anything else, is the assurance of satisfactory employment upon their return to civil life. The first task after the war is to provide employment for them and for our demobilized workers. The goal after the war should be the maximum utilization of our human and material resources. We must make provision now to help our returning service men and women bridge the gap from war to peace activity. When the war is over, our men and women in the Armed Forces will be eager to rejoin their families, get a job, or continue their education and to pick up the threads of their former lives."

President Franklin D. Roosevelt, June 22, 1944

Adam Schiff, U.S. Congressman

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