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The 6 "E"s

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The 6 E’s - Click on the links below for more information. 



 Infographic of the six es provide a framework for ensuring that Safe Routes to School efforts take a comprehensive approach Education Providing students and the community with the skills to walk and bicycle safely, educating them about benefits of walking and bicycling and teaching them about the broad range of transportation choices Engineering creating physical improvements to streets and neighborhoods that make walking and bicycling safer, more comfortable and more convenient Evaluation assessing which approaches are more or less successful ensuring that programs and initiatives are leading to equitable outcomes and identifying unintended consequences or opportunities to improve the effectiveness of each approach. Encouragement generating enthusiasm and increased walking and bicycling for tudents through events, activities and programs. Enforcement deterring unsafe traffic behaviors and encouraging safe habits by people walking, bicycling and driving in school neighborhoods and along school routes Equity ensuring that safe Routes to school initiatives are benefitting all demographic groups with particular attendtion to ensuring safe healthy and fair outcomes for low income students students of color students of all genders students with disabilityes and others