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Getting Started

The diagram below shows some basic steps to getting your SRTS Program off to a great start. Here you will also find sample forms and other resources that will help you along the way.


Steps to a Successful Safe Routes to School Program

Getting Organized:

  • Provide a SRTS presentation at a PTA/PTO to inform the school community about the program

  • Find a SRTS Champion

  • Develop a SRTS Committee that includes school representatives, parents, and safety officials.

  • Hold a kick-off meeting

Gather Information and Identify Issues:

  • Gather information including parent and student surveys

  • Utilize Walkability & Bikeability Checklists to identify issues

Identify Solutions and Evaluation Methods:

  • Hold a follow-up meeting to discuss issues and identify solutions

  • Choose evaluation methods and timelines for evaluation.

Get the Plan Moving:

  • Create a schedule of events for education and encouragement strategies

  • Contact local media to publicize program and kick off events

Develop a Plan:

  • Collaborate with your school and town board, public works, and RPO for further assistance 

Keep it Going:

  • Continue regular SRTS Committee meetings to follow the progress of the program and make adjustments as needed

  • Add program elements and continue initiatives to increase safety and the number of students walking and bicycling

See Additional Resources

Evaluate the Program: 

  • Evaluate the program according to the timeline and keep the school informed about activities, results, and improvements to the program

  • Distribute parent and student surveys to track changes in behavior and/or perception

  • Continue the program and make changes as needed to make it sustainable


Champion Tookit

Starting a New Safe Routes to School Program or Need to Take Your Program to the Next Level?
The Champion Toolkit is your resource to getting there!

Below is a Champion Toolkit that you can download and use. You may need to download the free PDF viewer from Adobe to view. The first file is an Adobe PDF Portfolio which will require Adobe Flash Player to load, but includes the full Champion Toolkit Package of files in one easy download. It contains a sheet with a list of what is included and four folders labeled in recommended viewing order.  If you do not have Adobe Flash Player, the individual files are also listed separately for download on this page in standard PDF format.

To save a document using Microsoft Internet Explorer, right-click on the link to a document and then choose "Save Target As..." from the pop-up menu. If you are using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, right-click on the link to a document and then choose "Save Link As..." from the pop-up menu. 

Champion Toolkit Portfolio (PDF Portfolio, Requires Adobe Flash Player) 

*****DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE CHAMPION TOOLKIT HERE AS ONE PDF PORTFOLIO FILE!!!***** (Right click it and download the file to your desktop).

This toolkit contains all the starter information that a local SRTS Champion needs to get a new Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Program up and running or take an existing program to the next level. This is a PDF Portfolio file with subfolders.  All of the individual files maintained in this portfolio can be downloaded separately from the list below.