Permit-Outdoor Dining & Other Activities in the State Right of Way

In conjunction with the Governor’s Executive Order permitting restaurants and certain businesses to reopen in the coming weeks, the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) has established a process by which businesses may apply for and obtain a permit to use the state highway right of way (outside of the travel portion of the state road) for outdoor dining and other outdoor activities which ordinarily would not be permitted. 

To apply for the CTDOT permit, complete the application and email it to with a subject line including the Town where the business is and the name of the business establishment.

Only businesses seeking to operate their business outdoors in the right of way along a state road need to apply for a permit from the CTDOT.  Before completing the CTDOT permit application, the business should approach the Town staff who oversee zoning and building enforcement in the town where the business resides and determine the Town requirements for location, hours, etc. 

We encourage you to read the CTDOT permit application to be apprised of the insurance requirements for operating your business in the non-vehicular portion of the state highway right of way.  There is no permit fee, but the insurance limits required may be more than your business ordinarily would carry. 

Once you have a site plan that is approved by the Town, you can start the DOT permit process, but be advised that any permit the CTDOT grants will not be operative until the business establishment has both Town and CTDOT approval, and the Town approval has been received by the CTDOT.

Once you submit your permit application to CTDOT via the email above, you can expect to receive further correspondence from a DOT employee (with an email address) in the District Office covering the Town in which your business is located. 

Click here to find the Governor’s Executive Order for Outdoor Activities.