Industrial Truck Permit



Permit to operate trucks between parts of industrial plant. The Commissioner may grant a special permit for the operation of industrial trucks upon the highways of this State for the purpose of transporting goods, property or merchandise to and between buildings of the same industrial plant, provided the maximum distance on the highways over which such vehicle may be operated under such permit shall not exceed fifteen hundred feet (1500).

To apply for an industrial permit the following information is required:

1. Company name and address
2. Description of vehicle: year, make, model #, serial #, axles and weight
3. Truck is to travel from where, to where
4. Distance (feet)
5. Street or highway and town upon which truck will operate

All permits expire March 31st. Industrial Permit Applications are processed by the Department of Transportation, Oversize/Overweight Permit Unit (OS/OW). To register your vehicle, take the Industrial Permit along with a check made payable to the "Department of Motor Vehicles" to the nearest Motor Vehicle Department.

For further information, please contact:
Oversize/Overweight Permit Unit
Bureau of Highway Operations
(860) 594-2880
or email to