New Haven - Hartford - Springfield
Commuter Rail Implementation Plan

Meeting Schedule

Steering Committee's Purpose

To oversee the study's development and provide information to key decision makers throughout the process. In addition to appropriate ConnDOT staff, the following will be invited to participate in the project's Steering Committee:

  • A representative from the Governor's Transportation Strategy Board;
  • A representative from the appropriate Massachusetts agencies;
  • Each of the communities' first official or their representative;
  • A representative from each of the regional planning agencies – South Central Regional Council of Governments, Central Connecticut Regional Planning Agency, Capitol Region Council of Governments, and Pioneer Valley Planning Commission.
  • A representative from the Federal Transit Administration;
  • A representative from Federal Railroad Administration;
  • Representatives from Amtrak and freight railroads using the corridor (Guilford Rail Systems, CSX, Connecticut Southern Railroad, and Providence and Worcester Railroad)
  • A representative from the appropriate state and federal regulatory agencies including, but not limited to the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, US Environmental Protection Agency, Connecticut State Historic Preservation Office, Department of Economic and Community Development, US Fish & Wildlife Service, US Army Corps of Engineers, etc;
  • A representative from the I-91 TIA;
  • A representative from the Peter Pan Bus Company; and
  • Other interested parties (to be determined)