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New Haven - Hartford - Springfield
Commuter Rail Implementation Plan

Project Scope

    In undertaking the feasibility study, the project team will evaluate eight different alternatives with varying levels of service, track configurations and station locations and enhancements.  Elements of the study include data collection, existing conditions analysis, future no build conditions assessment, development of ridership forecasts, alternative development and assessment, operating and capital plan, and financing needs.  The study will culminate with a Federal Transit Administration New Starts Grant Application.  An extensive public outreach process will include public informational meetings, an advisory committee, local official and stakeholder meetings, newsletters, and a project website.

To learn more...

    This page presents additional information about the project, including the boundaries of the study area and the study schedule.

Study Area

    The study area for the project is from New Haven through Hartford ending in Springfield, Massachusetts.

    View a graphic depicting the project area map.

Project Schedule

    The alternatives phase of the project is nearing completion. The complete timeline is as follows:

    Agency Coordination & Public Outreach
    Data Collection & Project Evaluation Criteria
    Existing Conditions
    Ridership Forecasts
    No Build Assessment
    Minimum and Maximum Build Options Implementation Alternatives
    Operating and Capital Plan
    Environmental Impacts
    Final Report

    Summer 2002
    Fall 2002
    Winter/Spring 2003
    Winter 2003
    Summer/Fall 2003 Winter/Spring 2004
    Summer/Fall 2004
    Spring 2005