Office of Roadway Information Systems

Collects, processes, stores and distributes Connecticut roadway traffic volumes & highway system information associated with state and local public roadways.  These data are utilized for program and project development, for input to various federal, state, municipal and other public or private sector reports, and form the basis for developing traffic projections.  In addition, weigh-in-motion is performed using permanent and portable sensors which are used to collect information relative to the weight of the trucks using the state's roadway system.

Analyzes the current and future levels of service/congestion; determines and maintains the functional classification of the state road system.

Provides computer support to the Bureau and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services to the Department.

Uses state-of-art automated data collection vehicles to collect high definition images and roadway condition, geometric and position data.

Michael J. Connors
Transportation Assistant Planning Director
Roadway Information Systems
Phone:  (860) 594-2037
Fax:  (860) 594-2056

Systems Inventory
Al Iallonardo
Transportation Supervising Planner
Phone: 860-594-2107
James R. Spencer
Transportation Supervising Planner
Phone: 860-594-2014
Traffic Monitoring
Bradley Overturf
Transportation Supervising Planner
Phone: 860-594-2089
Enterprise GIS Unit
Gregory J. Ciparelli
Transportation Supervising Planner
Phone: 860-594-2108