Office of Strategic Planning and Projects
The Office of Strategic Planning and Projects is comprised of three units – Intermodal Planning; Trip and Traffic Analysis; and Policy and Performance Measures. 
Intermodal Planning performs studies on all modes of transportation, and oversees the Transportation Enhancement and Safe Routes to School programs.  The transportation modes include transit, highway, aviation, maritime, freight, and bicycle and pedestrian.  This Unit produces corridor wide needs assessments and alternatives analysis for all modes of transportation, and develops near and long term implementation plans that can guide Connecticut’s transportation infrastructure improvements over the next 20 years.  The studies produce a set of context sensitive solutions to meet the deficiencies and needs identified in the assessment to ensure that projects are sensitive to the needs of the transportation system as well as the communities that they are part of. 
Trip and Traffic Analysis prepares forecasts of travel demand based upon socioeconomic, demographic and transportation system characteristics; analyzes the current and future levels of service/congestion; transit usage; traffic volumes based upon existing and future transportation plans and programs; and administers the expansion and maintenance of the Department's commuter parking lot program.
Policy and Performance Measures prepares and posts the Department’s quarterly performance measures.  This Unit is also responsible for developing and implementing Transportation Asset Management principles, practices and policies to effectively and efficiently maintain, preserve, manage and upgrade Connecticut’s transportation infrastructure.  In addition this Unit develops Department-wide policies, principles and best practice methods for improving resource allocation and utilization decisions, and is responsible for the Long Range Transportation Plan for the State.

Colleen A. Kissane
Transportation Assistant Planning Director
Strategic Planning and Projects
Phone: (860) 594-2132
Fax: (860) 594-3028
Strategic & Intermodal Planning
David Elder, AICP, GISP
Transportation Supervising Planner
Phone: (860) 594-2139
Trip and Traffic Analysis
Gary J. Sojka
Transportation Supervising Planner
Phone: (860) 594-2025
Policy and Performance Measures
Edgardo D. Block
Transportation Supervising Planner
Phone: (860) 594-2495