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Office of Environmental Planning


Develops and administers policy on environmental issues (e.g. clean air, noise and water resources) affecting the Department's programs and projects; prepares and oversees environmental documents required by the state and federal laws and regulations.  These documents include; transportation, air, noise, and historic/archaeological studies; state and federal water resources permit applications for Department projects; performs environmental surveillance of construction activities to ensure compliance with permits; acts as liaison with state and federal regulatory agencies regarding environmental issues and the State Historic Preservation Office regarding cultural resources.
Kevin Carifa
Transportation Assistant Planning Director
Office of Environmental Planning
Phone: (860) 594-2946

Cultural Resources &
Environmental Documentation
Mark McMillan
Transportation Supervising Planner
Phone: 860-594-2135
Natural Resource Planning
Andrew H. Davis
Transportation Supervising Planner
Phone: 860-594-2157
Environmental Resource Compliance
Christine Xenelis
Transportation Supervising Planner
Phone: 860-594-2928
Environmental Permitting
Jason Coite
Transportation Supervising Engineer
Phone: 860-594-3448
       Sustainability & Resiliency
       Emily Pysh
       Transportation Supervising Planner