Engineering Publications and Documents

Below is a list of Publications and Documents currently maintained by the Office of Engineering.  For specific questions regarding the manuals contents, the appropriate contact person(s) for each respective discipline is also listed below.  

Engineering Publications (Manuals)

Bridge Design Manual
Contact: Rabih Barakat (860) 594-3208, email:
Bridge Inspection Manual Sept 2001 Version 2.1 with Revisions (pdf 18 mb)
Contact: Robert Zaffetti (860) 594-3156, email:
Consultant Design Administration Manual (formerly Consultant Design Manual) (PDF, 561 KB)
Contact: Susan M. Libatique (860) 594-3179, email:
Digital Design Environment Guide (pdf 2 mb)
Drainage Manual
Contact: Michael Masayda (860) 594-3238, email:
Geotechnical Engineering Manual (pdf 2 mb)
Contact: Leo Fontaine (860) 594-3180, email:
Highway Design Manual - US Customary Units (pdf, 6 mb)
Contact: Will Britnell (860) 594-3274, email:
Policy(Manual) on the Accommodations of Utilities (pdf 1.4 mb)
Contact: Sohrab Afrazi (860) 594-3262, email: Sohrab
Public Service Facility Policy and Procedures for Highways in CT (pdf 2.5 mb)
Contact: Sohrab Afrazi (860) 594-3262, email: Sohrab
Local Bridge Program Manual
Contact: Francisco Fadul (860) 594-2078, email: Local Bridge Program Administrator
Traffic Signal Design Manual
Contact: Dave Fabry (860) 594-2724, email:

Engineering Documents: Standard Drawings, Specifications and Estimating

Contract Development and Estimating Documents (Special Provisions, Bid Item Lists, Weighted Unit Prices and Cost Estimating Guidelines)
Specifications for Roads, Bridges, and Incidental Construction Form 816 English & Metric with Supplements
Special Provisions (Traffic Engineering)
CTDOT Standard Drawings