Division of Highway Design

Manages, directs, and coordinates all of the design activities for highways performed by State Design forces in accordance with State and Federal requirements.  Manages, directs, and coordinates the administration of contracts with consulting engineers and towns for the design of highway and bridge improvements on State highways and town roads.  Also responsible for Project Development, new product evaluation, Highway Standard Drawings and the Highway Design Manual.

Requests for additional information should be addressed to:

James A. Fallon, P.E.

Division Chief of Highway Design

Denise Maura
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (860) 594-3187

Highway Design Sections


Consultant Design - Major Highways Michael N. Calabrese, P.E., Principal Engineer, (860) 594-2075
Consultant Design - State Highways Susan M. Libatique, P.E., Principal Engineer, (860) 594-3179
Consultant Design - Local Roads Unit Hugh Hayward, P.E., Principal Engineer, (860) 594-3219
Matthew Vail, P.E., Principal Engineer, (860) 594-3274
Highway Management Unit  Marissa Washburn, P.E., Supervising Engineer, (860) 594-3358


Highway Design-Related Information

Highway Design Manual - US Customary Units (pdf 19.7 mb) Metric Units(pdf 3.41 mb)
Standard Drawings
Roadside Safety
STP-Urban/Rural Application(pdf 84 kb)
CTDOT - SELECTseries DDE (Digital Design Environment)
CE General Memoranda
Previous Consulting Engineers Manual
Calendar Days Chart(.xlsx Updated 11/14/2019)











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