State Line Perambulation

Pursuant to Section 3-8 of the Connecticut General Statutes (Appendix A), the Connecticut State Line Perambulation Survey has been performed by the Connecticut Department of Transportation. This report represents the portion of this survey traditionally completed by District Surveys.

Using the written description from the previous (1986) Perambulation Survey, each bound was visited. The current condition of the bound and its immediate surroundings were noted. The descriptions were revised as necessary and any radical changes were more particularly described.

General notes on the written descriptions for each bound are as follows:

Descriptions have been prepared on the basis of approaching each bound as closely as possible by vehicle. All mileage has been checked in the field, but are approximate.

All dimensions in the description, used to approach or find the monuments, are “over the ground” distances.

All geographic positions are referred to the 1927 North American Datum, as computed by the U.S.C.&G.S.

In referring to highway route number and road names in the descriptions, the route numbers and road names, shown on the town road maps accompanying the descriptions, have been used.

The perambulation has been divided into the following sections:

CT - New York Border, from Mass. to Long Island Sound (4 files):
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