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The AASHTOWare Implementation Section within the Office of Construction is responsible developing, training, and implementing the AASHTOWare Project construction management software suite.


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Requests for additional information can be addressed to:
Transportation Principal Engineer
Phone: (860) 594-XXXX
Nelio J. Rodrigues
Transportation Supervising Engineer
Phone: (860) 594-2658
Douglas K. Harz, P.E.
Transportation Engineer 3
Phone: (860) 594-2681
John H. Rorrio
Transportation Engineer 3
Phone: (860) 258-4643
Christopher M. Dirga
Transportation Engineer 2
Phone: (860) 594-3122
Thales Oliveira
Transportation Engineer 2
Phone: (860) 594-2688

Kian Downes
Transportation Engineer 1
Phone: (860) 594-2670

AASHTOWare Implementation
CTDOT - Office of Construction
2800 Berlin Turnpike
P.O. Box 317546
Newington, CT 06131-7546