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CTDOT Releases Updated Five-Year Capital Plan; Includes $9.7 Billion in Investments in Public Transportation, Roads, Bridges, Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (Department) today released its $9.7 billion five-year Capital Plan, covering fiscal years 2021-2025.  The plan includes capital investments in the state’s multi-modal transportation network, including state-of-good-repair as well as upgrades across all modes of transportation - highways and bridges, public transportation, bicycle and pedestrian amenities as well as state facilities. 

"Ongoing maintenance and up-keep of our existing infrastructure, combined with strategic, thoughtful investment in projects that reduce congestion, improve mobility and efficiency, and minimize our environmental impacts are critical to keep Connecticut moving forward and competitive in the future," said DOT Commissioner Joe Giulietti.  "Our five-year plan demonstrates our commitment to responsible stewardship of our existing transportation network, while targeting much needed upgrades to our roads and bridges, our growing transit system, and healthier, eco-friendly, non-motorized options." 

The Department anticipates utilizing $2.1 billion in total capital program funding in federal fiscal year 2021, which began October 1, including approximately $800 million for bus and rail assets and $1.3 billion for highway and bridge infrastructure.  

Over the five-year plan, $5.9 billion (62-percent) will go toward highway and bridge projects, $3.5 billion (36-percent) toward public transportation and $245 million (2-percent) for facilities. 
Commissioner Giulietti noted that the Department has made impressive improvements across the state, bolstering quality of life for residents by making travel and commuting within our state easier, while acknowledging there is still significant work to be done. 

"As we roll out our program, we will remain focused on delivering projects on time and on budget. But we cannot lose sight of the fact that long-term funding for continued critical investments in our transportation infrastructure is very much uncertain."

The Capital Plan Report can be found here.

The Capital Plan financial table and project listings can be found here.


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