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Community Connectivity Grant Program Funding for Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety and Improved Access to Community Centers 

The Connecticut Department of Transportation today announced a third solicitation for Community Connectivity Grants to towns and cities across Connecticut to fund municipal construction projects. Five million dollars was approved by the State Bond Commission to fund the competitive grant program that supports pedestrian and bicycle safety and improved access to city and town centers for residents of the state. 

The Community Connectivity Grant Program (CCGP) is an infrastructure improvement program that seeks to provide funding for local initiatives that will improve the safety and accessibility for bicyclists and pedestrians in urban, suburban and rural community centers. The primary program objective is to make conditions safer and more accommodating for pedestrians and cyclists, thereby encouraging more people to use these healthy and environmentally sustainable modes of travel. Another objective of the Community Connectivity Grant Program is to facilitate social and economic opportunities to underserved communities by providing equitable levels of access to affordable and reliable transportation. Making these improvements will make Connecticut’s community centers more attractive and vibrant places to live and work.

Several notable adjustments have been made to the program guidelines and selection criteria for the upcoming solicitation.  The funding limits for grant awards have increased to range between $125,000 and $600,000. In addition, general program objectives have been refined to reinforce the concept of transportation equity by connecting underserved communities.

Grant applications are available on the Community Connectivity website and will be accepted until 4pm on October 16, 2020. For more information on the Community Connectivity Program, please visit:

TELEPHONE: (860) 594-3062
FAX: (860) 594-3065