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Measures to Safeguard Passengers and Bus Drivers, and to Maintain Continuity of Service

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) is announcing immediate temporary changes to bus operations due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in Connecticut. These changes are being implemented to safeguard drivers and the public, and protect continuity of operation of Connecticut’s bus system during this difficult time. These changes will be implemented on all CTtransit and CTfastrak buses as well as all transit districts in Connecticut.


Effective immediately, passengers will now board from the rear door with the exception of passengers who are in wheelchairs and others who require the bus to kneel. Rear door boarding will help maintain recommended social distancing by providing space of six feet or greater between customers and bus drivers.


Additionally, approximately 100 CTtransit buses have been equipped with transparent protective barriers providing a partition between drivers and passengers.  These 100 buses will be redeployed to the busiest routes to provide the greatest level of protection for drivers, while CTDOT staff continue to review options to expedite delivery and installation of barriers in additional buses.


Connecticut's bus system is essential in responding to and contending with the ongoing COVID-19 emergency.  Some of the state's most vulnerable residents, as well as critical health care workers, home health aides and grocery store employees rely and depend on the use of bus service.  Some have no other transportation access, and it is imperative that the system remain operational.   To ensure this outcome, the CTDOT strongly encourages the public to reserve bus and public transit for ESSENTIAL TRAVEL ONLY such as getting to and from work or for procuring essential needs. Customers should practice social distancing while waiting at bus stops and while riding the bus (Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends a distance of approximately six feet from others, when possible).  CUSTOMERS WHO FEEL SICK SHOULD NOT USE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. This is especially important for those with symptoms of COVID-19. If you are taking public transportation and need to cough or sneeze, use a tissue or cough or sneeze into your elbow or upper arm instead of your hand.


Bus service providers will continue additional cleaning protocols as a result of COVID-19. All buses will continue to be cleaned and sanitized daily, including sanitizing of high-contact surfaces using enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols recommended by the CDC.


CTDOT is committed to keeping our vital public transportation system operational during this time, but it is especially important that all customers cooperate with these changes to ensure the health and safety of all of our passengers and drivers. CTtransit and transit district operators are working hard to sanitize buses and deliver service every day. CTDOT recognizes, applauds and supports the efforts of our front line transit professionals and is deeply grateful to the entire team and their daily effort to keep these services operating in uncertain and challenging times.


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