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DOT Designates 50 More Sites as Part of its ‘Pollinator Corridor Program’

The Department of Transportation implemented a Pollinator Program in 2017 in accordance with Public Act 16-17 to establish pollinator corridors in selected locations within the highway system.  At the outset of the program eight (8) sites were selected across the state as locations for planting, seeding, or naturalization.  The Department has and continues to coordinate activities and research for the program with the Department of Environmental Protection, the University of Connecticut, and the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station to implement best management practices in the establishment and monitoring of the initial eight (8) locations and future locations within the highway system.

The Department recently added over 50 additional locations statewide to serve as “Conservation Areas” for pollinators. The Department’s reduced mowing frequency practices at these locations will permit the existing wildflower seedbank to flower, set seed, and thus propagate themselves, perpetually increasing the wildflower density and quality of these areas as pollinator resources and habitats. Occasional mowing and spot applications will take place at these locations to manage the encroachment of any woody vegetation and/or invasive plants. Take note of the Conservation Area signs at these locations around the state!


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