FOR RELEASE: November 13, 2013
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NEW Danbury Branch Weekday Trains

Increased Train Frequency

Signal System Project Nears Completion

      Connecticut Department of Transportation Commissioner James Redeker announced today the upcoming weekday Danbury Branch train schedule improvements going into effect on Sunday, November 17, 2013. 

      Six new weekday trains have been added providing a total of 28 weekday trains for Danbury Branch riders.  The new schedule also adjusts the times to several trains, while increasing service during all off-peak time periods.

      “With the substantial completion of the new signal system on the Danbury Branch, the Department and Metro-North are able to increase train service on this important rail corridor,” said Commissioner Redeker. “The installation of the signal system represents a significant investment in the state’s rail infrastructure.  I thank both the Department’s and Metro-North Railroad’s employees for their joint commitment on this important project.”

      “The Department has been working with Metro-North to improve service frequency on the on the Danbury Branch,” said Eugene Colonese, Rail Administrator for the Department of Transportation.  "The new schedule provides train service every two hours during the off-peak periods. The expanded service will offer Danbury riders more weekday choices for both work and other travel needs."

      The signal system project also included the upgrade and construction of several portions of parallel track, or sidings, which efficiently allows for more than one train to travel the corridor at a time.  Train service is operated on the Danbury Branch between Danbury and South Norwalk, with stops at Bethel, Redding, Branchville, Cannondale, Wilton and Merritt 7 stations.

      Additional “holiday shopper” service is also being provided. Details at

Train Service Improvement Details:

      On the Danbury Branch, improvements have been made to improve weekday Reverse Peak and Off-Peak train service with the addition of six trains making all stops between Danbury and South Norwalk.

      In the AM Reverse Peak, a new northbound train will depart South Norwalk at 7:33 AM, getting customers to employment centers at Merritt 7 and Wilton before 8 AM and arriving in Danbury at 8:37 AM.

      New Off-Peak trains also depart South Norwalk at 10:08 AM and 10:40 PM.  The 11:15 AM from South Norwalk will now depart 60 minutes later at 12:15 PM.

      In the Off-Peak southbound direction, new trains depart Danbury at 8:57 AM, 11:32 AM, and 7:25 PM.  The 12:40 PM from Danbury will depart 52 minutes later at 1:32 PM.   The last departure from Danbury will now depart 36 minutes later, at

11:10 PM.

      Also, the last train to Danbury will depart South Norwalk 50 minutes later at

12:29 AM, giving those traveling from New York City a post-11 PM departure on weekdays.

      To accommodate these changes on the Danbury Branch, one AM Peak train and one PM Peak train are being adjusted as follows:

·         The 5:32 AM Peak train will now depart Danbury at 5:36 AM and will no longer operate as a “through” train.  Customer will connect at South Norwalk with a train that starts at South Norwalk with the same arrival time at Grand Central Terminal - 7:38 AM.

·         The 6:55 PM Peak train from Grand Central Terminal will operate 17 minutes later at 7:12 PM connecting to a train to Danbury at South Norwalk.  See a timetable for details.

For more information on traveling the New Haven Line, consult the train schedules online at or pick up a new timetable at outlying stations and in Grand Central Terminal.