FOR RELEASE: January 4, 2013
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DOT Signage Taskforce Announces Recommendations and New Program

      As a result of work recently completed by a Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT) taskforce on highway signs, a series of changes in policies and practices was announced today by DOT Commissioner James P. Redeker. The Commissioner has adopted two policy changes that allow more latitude in signing for general motorist services and tourist information facilities.

      In 2012, Redeker had created an internal departmental taskforce to review standards, regulations and policies for highway signing along Connecticut roads and highways.  The group comprised diverse disciplines including engineering, maintenance, legal, legislative, rights-of-way and the Federal Highway Administration with input from the Connecticut Department of Community and Economic Development’s Office of Culture and Tourism.

      Some of the more significant changes proposed to Connecticut signing practices are in the areas of motorist services (gas, food, lodging, camping) and the signing of places of interest in Connecticut.

      “Our updated rules and policies are more flexible and more responsive to businesses while remaining consistent with federal guidelines,” said Commissioner Redeker, adding that the changes increase the distances from the ramp termini and relax some of the minimum required hours of commercial operation which will result in more businesses being eligible for motorist service signs.  Additionally, proposed regulations have been developed to make similar qualification adjustments to the Specific Information and Business (Logo) signing program.  The proposed regulations will enable more businesses to qualify for specific Gas, Food, Lodging and Camping Logo signs along Connecticut’s highways. There will be a modest application fee increase for businesses wishing to be included in the expanded signing program.

      The framework for a new program proposed for Connecticut was also outlined by the commissioner: the Tourist Attractions Sign Program for Limited Access Highways.  The program is intended to create a predictable and recognizable system to help travelers locate places of interest that will make their experience in Connecticut more enjoyable.  The program provides clear criteria on qualifying requirements for places of interest such as museums, universities and businesses to obtain signing, and allows for attractive, unique, logo style signing that will be eye catching and readily identifiable to passing motorists.  This program will alert travelers to the many opportunities to explore “Connecticut’s rich colonial history, vibrant city life, beautiful state parks and plentiful attractions,” as Governor Dannel P. Malloy has said.

      The Tourist Attractions Signing Program is a robust initiative and will involve a significant implementation effort.   The pace of implementation will be subject to funding availability.   The Connecticut Tourist Attractions Sign Program will be administered by the Department of Transportation.  To learn more about this proposed new program, as well as the full range of unique guide signing programs in Connecticut, please visit: