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Connecticut Commuter Rail Operating Schedule for

Monday, January 15, 2007 - Martin Luther King Day (Observed)

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) today announced that Shore Line East (SLE) rail service will operate a regular weekday train schedule on Monday, January 15 in observance of Martin Luther King Day. The New Haven Line (NHL) will operate on a special Saturday schedule with additional trains during morning and afternoon peak.  Off peak fare will be in effect all day on the NHL. Normal operations schedule will resume for both rail service on Tuesday, January 16, 2007.

Shore Line East/Metro-North Connections at New Haven for

Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, January 15, 2007

Note:  SLE Weekday Schedule Effective October 30, 2006

SLE Train               Arrive-Union Station           NHL Connection                                  Leave- Union Station                         

#1621                      6:15 am                                   #3409                                                      6:45 am  

#1627                      6:35 am                                   #3409                                                      6:45 am  

                                                                                #6509                                                      6:55 am

#1633                      7:03 am                                   #6511                                                      7:32 am

#1637                      7:40 am                                   #6513                                                      7:57 am

#1641                      8:05 am                                   #6515                                                      8:32 am

#1645                      8:40 am                                   #6517                                                      8:57 am

#1651                      9:59 am                                   #6523                                                      10:32 am

#1679                      4:47 pm                                   #6549                                                      4:53 pm

#1687                      6:00 pm                                   #6557                                                      6:57 pm

#1693                      8:45 pm                                   #6565                                                      9:16 pm

MN Train               Arrive-Union Station           SLE Connection                                   Leave- Union Station         

no connection                                                      #1602                                                      6:23 am  

#6504                      7:50 am                                   #1606                                                      8:20 am

#6530                      2:52 pm                                   #1632                                                      3:20 pm

#6534                      3:52 pm                                   #1636                                                      4:27 pm

#6538                      4:52 pm                                   #1638                                                      5:02 pm

#3440                      5:18 pm                                   #1640                                                      5:37 pm

#6542                      5:56 pm                                   #1644                                                      6:02 pm

#6544                      6:18 pm                                   #1646                                                      6:34 pm

#6546                      6:56 pm                                   #1656                                                      6:57 pm   1 min. connection

#6548                      7:18 pm

MN Train               Arrive-Union Station           SLE Connection                                   Leave- Union Station         

#3450                      7:42 pm                                   #1668                                                      7:48 pm

#6552                      8:18 pm                                   #1674                                                      8:42 pm

Please note additional trains will be running on the New Haven Line, refer to the timetable.  This timetable is only valid for Monday, January 15, 2007 - Martin Luther King Day (observed).

“Recent trends continue to show more commuters using rail service to travel in the state.  The state is pleased to offer a full day train schedule for Shore Line East rail service this coming holiday.  We have seen increased ridership on our Connecticut Commuter Rail service, and especially on intrastate commuting.  This schedule will allow for those who wish to travel to New Haven, Bridgeport, Stamford or New York City for work or pleasure to reach their destinations with minimal impact,” said Commissioner Ralph J. Carpenter.

Shore Line East riders are encouraged to sign up for e-mail service notifications at

Shore Line East trains are owned and operated by ConnDOT under contract with Amtrak to provide daily rail operations.  Shore Line East has provided an average of 1,800 rides per day with service from Monday through Friday.  Trains do not operate on Saturday, Sunday or major holidays.  Shore Line East service connects at New Haven, Bridgeport and Stamford stations for New Haven Line service to New York City (operated by Metro-North Railroad).  Reduced combined Shore Line East/Metro-North monthly commuter tickets are available.

Metro-North Railroad operates the New Haven Line and Branch Line Service for ConnDOT.  The New Haven Line is one of the busiest commuter lines in North America, carrying over 120,000 daily commuters with approximately 80,000 passengers who start or complete their trip in Connecticut.